About Jenn

Jennifer was born on October 3, 1969 in Greeley Colorado.

From a very young age she was enamored with books and her mother spent hours reading her all of her favorites. By the time she could herself read, her parents could barely keep her in books, having such an appetite for them.

Jenn always had an active imagination and enjoyed writing, but falsely believed that writing was a luxury that few could earn a living at.

In her 20’s, Jenn was a stockbroker and financial advisor which gave her the foundation of knowledge surrounding money and the skill of helping others to secure their financial future. In her 30’s, she was a professional speaker and trainer in the finance realm, traveling 200 days per year and exploring the world. Along the way, Jenn’s interest in energy work blossomed and she became a Certified Reiki Master which allowed her to implement tools and intuitive work in her speaking and coaching curriculum.

In her 40’s she lost a close friend in a car accident which inspired her to write children’s books. The books opened new doors to become an in-demand motivational speaker and her message of Empowerment and Self-Esteem resonate with students and adults alike. She coaches individuals on building success and runs workshops all over the world. Her most recent works have evolved into Young Adult Paranormal fiction.

“Life is a continuing journey and we must always keep learning.” – Jenn

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